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Scientists say the Euro-Atlantic civilization is nearing its end as its Caucasian populations become swamped by aliens.

Last year, non-whites for the first time outweighed Caucasians in the under-one-year age group in the United States. According to the Census Bureau, by 2043 America should become a predominantly non-white country.

In the UK, one in five people is now foreign-born, most likely in Pakistan or India. In Germany, a Turkish community is on the rise, and in France, a North Afrucan Arab one.

We have an opinion from head of the Moscow-based Historical Memory Foundation Pavel Sviatenkov:

"Unlike in traditional societies, where children are of vital importance as farm or household helpers and supporters of their old folk, in modern countries they are a liability rather than an asset. Social security is a matter for the state. As a result, small or even childless families proliferate. To cope with mounting economic difficulties as the proportion of economically active people decreases, developed nations import migrant labourers from poor countries. With the passage of time, new majorities emerge and demand political rights for themselves. Europe and North American are now another Rome in its dying days."

Rome ultimately fell, eroded from within by the laziness and social inactivity of its educated citizens.

Dr Sviatenkov again:

"Interestingly, the decline of the Caucasian populations is not a decline of Christianity, as is often argued. In the US, for instance, the white Americans are being gradually replaced by Latinos, who are predominantly Roman Catholic. In Africa, which supplies millions of migrants to Europe, Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism are on the rise. It is not Christianity, but the white race that is petering out. "

Reversing the process is mission impossible, because it would require the elimination of megacities, which act as hubs of the modern civilization.

Toistaalta valkoisten kuoleminen sukupuuttoon ei ole mikään riemun päivä neekereillekään, koska silloin ei ole enää hölmöä altruistista väkeä joka paapoisi ja elättäisi heitä. Aasialaiset eivät tuota koiran virkaa hoida nyt eivätkä tulevaisuudessa.

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